Improved Lab Results (before/after)

Blood Results before:

Blood Results after:

Redesign: mucca design

Cardio Results before:

Cardio Results after:

Redesign: David McCandless

Prostata Results before:

Prostata Results after:

Redesign: Jung + Wenig

Historical Information Design: Byrne’s Euclid (1847)

Completely unusual at the time, a real first mover, using fundamental colors in the De Stijl palette: Byrne’s Euclid from 1847.



How to get rid of Mosquitos

It’s summer and I have a problem: mosquito bites. This graphic representation shows what I always thaught: Those eco-bio-natural repellents are all motherfuckers.
I tried deet in India and I observed big mosquitos flying towards my naked arms and turning around right away after having smelled it. I’ll never experiment on other stuff again.